5 tips for styling the letters in your Type Co

October 21, 2020 1 Comment

5 tips for styling the letters in your Type Co

The Little Type Co is by far one of our faves. This giant letter board for your wall is meant for expressing life’s moments – the wittier the better in our opinion.

Here are a few tips we have specifically for how to style the letters on the ledges. 

  1. Anchor your quote with the number of words that will fit on each ledge.
  2. Decide on the formatting and alignment. Which lines will need to be all the way left aligned or centred. Use the screws to help!
  3. Form the words and move around to create emphasis on certain parts.
  4. Play with letter spacing to make it easier to read. Space out the letters slightly so no letter is touching.
  5. Stand back and look for words that need a tiny shuffle.

Whether you have the small fonts (Gatsby or Farmhouse) or you have the Large set the letters are best when slightly spaced apart.

The Little Type Co will give you exactly what you need to become a clever wordsmith with your home decor. Will you use your Little Type Co. set to make people laugh, think deeply, or groan? The possibilities are endless!

Little Type Co Treadmill
Little Type Co Nacho Type


Little Type Co Goats
Little Type Co Spacing
Little Type Co Dog

Shop the Little Type Co.

Share and tag us using your Little Type Co @littlewstudio or use the hashtag #littletypeco with how you style your set. We love hearing from you!


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November 12, 2020

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