How to propagate plants in winter

January 02, 2023

How to propagate plants in winter

I don't have a green thumb! 

Oh I couldn't do that! 

Where do I start with propagation? 

Can I start propagating in winter?

All things we hear when plant newbies see our plant propagation wall vases. We got you covered with a few of our best tips for starting plant propagating in winter! 

Little Shelf Co products designed simply for a plant newbie or a green thumb. Even if you are totally positive you kill plants - we dare you to give it a try! Take your plant cuttings and place them in the vase with water to nurture and watch your budding dreams become reality. 

It might seem strange, but you can totally propagate in winter and in fact it's not even that hard! I started learning about plans just a few years ago after I thought I had a black thumb. A friend said to me - no girl, anyone can do it. So here we are. 

If you are totally new to propagating plants we have a short step by step guide on the blog to get started. Read more here!

The basic steps are simple and finding a spot that is protected from the elements and plenty of moisture is key. Take your cuttings and make sure your plant propagation wall vase is near well lit, frost free and a ventilated area. 

The winter is a different season with less light so it may take longer in winter to propagate. Letting your plants start slow and adjust to the room temperature will develop them naturally and soon new plants will be ready! 

Keep them inside as living wall art like me or move to outside when it's warm enough depending on where you live seasonally. 


Lastly, what are good plants to propagate? I like to keep it simple with Pothos and Snake plants, but I did a quick search and several blogs listed a few common plants to try. I made a quick list for you on what to propagate this winter:

  • Arborvitae
  • Caryopteris
  • Crape Myrtle
  • Fruit Trees (Peaches, Plums, and many others)
  • Grape Vines
  • Russian Sage (Perennial/sub-shrub)
  • Willow
  • Climbing jasmine
  • Laurel.

That's it! It's a super fun, free way to grow your plant collection. Create a whole space in your house, share plants with friends, and tag us @littlewstudio with your faves! 


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