Little Word Stands Created for You

February 22, 2021

Little Word Stands Created for You

Launched! Little Word Stands are small free-standing signs with a base and words. The stands are light weight, collapsible, and can be painted or left natural. This new line will add a little spunk to your décor.

There are several phrases and sizes vary slightly.

If you don’t recite the line from the Princess Bride as they fall down the giant hill to the Fire Swamp...I’m gonna need you to rewatch that movie right now!

Perfect for your entry way, desk or really any time you need a pick-up line. You can thank Joey Tribbiani for that one.

A classic I love us. Sweet gift for a friend, partner or family décor.

Two other fun options are "hi there" in painted black and natural. Paint the natural option yourself to match your decor! 


Product Details:

  • Includes plywood base
  • Word Stands come in 4 styles of words
  • Word Stands are layered with natural and black, or single layer with option for painted black or natural


  • As you wish (2 layers) 12" x 5" 
  • How you doin? (2layers) 10" x 4" 
  • I love us (2 layers) 9.5" x 5" 
  • Hi there (single layer in natural or black) 9" x 6"

Share and tag us once your Little Word Stands find their new home @littlewstudio


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