3 ways to style the Type Co for your classroom

September 16, 2021

3 ways to style the Type Co for your classroom

Back to school is in full swing. Full disclosure teachers are some of our favourite people on this earth. Including my own mom!

The Little Type is definitely home décor. AND it’s a back to school must have in your classroom. First, it’s a giant letter board for your wall. Get your class involved in putting up quotes (and be sneaky about teaching spelling).

Personally, we go for the funny quotes, but little reminders, inspiration and more make this a rad tool you need on your classroom wall.

Here are 4 ways to use and style it in the classroom.

1. Gallery wall. The Little Quote Co collection is one of our favourites for this. Designed as large quotes that layer upon layer of laser cut words. The black letters and neutral maple ledges add visual interested to any space. It makes a bold statement on its own, but fits perfectly with your current vibe.

2. Paint it. The letters and ledges can easily be painted to match your classroom decor. Pick your font and personalize the Little Type Co. Try the letters and ledges as one colour matching on the same wall or paint the Type Co to match your existing décor.

3. Make is inclusive! We have a brand new sign language set. The set is an add on to the Little Type Co full sets. Set includes a A-Z alphabet. Comes with a guide on each letter for those of us still learning! 

4. Style it in 2 lines or one long one. Not enough wall space? Style it in 2 rows (our new fave), classic 4 rows or one long line to go above a bulletin board! Snap up extra ledges and make your quotes even longer! It’s the perfect pop of wall décor that is modern and a clever way to showcase your classroom style.

Bonus! It’s fun for kids to participate in.

The Little Type Co installation is simple and easy. Choose from 3 font types: Farmhouse (for the traditional modern farmhouse), Gatsby (for the simply modern and Scandinavian space) and Lucille (for the Boho, martini drinking host).

Each set includes:
-A set of 131 black laser cut letters, and symbols to make your words come to life. (letter size is 3")
-4 natural maple ledges with screws
(ledges 36" long)

*ledges are stained in photos. Paint, stain or leave natural to match your decor. Share and tag us @littlewstudio using your Little Type Co!

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