Stained Propagation

Propagation Shelf REPLACEMENT TUBE


Propagation Shelf REPLACEMENT TUBE

Accidents happen and you may need a replacement tube for your propagation shelf. This listing is for you! 

These tubes are a replacement for the one in the Little Shelf Co Propagation product is designed simply for a plant newbie or a green thumb. It is a wall shelf with a vase to display beautiful greenery. If you are newly inspired to add some biophilic design with greenery in your home or looking to grow your plant collection for free - plant propagation is where it’s at. Take your plant cuttings and place them in the vase with water to nurture and watch your budding dreams become reality. The Little Shelf Co’s are stunning on their own or perfect to create a living gallery wall. Bring natural artwork into your modern home.  

Contents: two replacement tubes. Nothing else. Just 2 glass test tubes. We send two because these tubes are fragile and shipping is atrocious. It just makes sense to get you what you need and a replacement. 

Tube dimensions:
1.5x8 inches 

Safety & use:
-Tubes are made of glass and are breakable. In purchasing this listing you are taking the risk of breakage in shipping. We will wrap these like they will be dropped from a plane when we send them but sometimes weird things happen. Purchase at your own risk.
-Plant not included 
-Disclaimer: keep out of reach of children

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