Christin’s Top 6 Essential Shops for Summer

June 10, 2021

Christin’s Top 6 Essential Shops for Summer

Has summer finally hit in Alberta? I am soaking up all sunshine and drinks on my deck every minute I can! Nothing is better than sipping a margarita and scrolling my feed for quotes that make me snort laugh and shopping my favourite brands.

I went ahead and curated a quick list of the brands I am loving, and by loving, I mean am obsessed with right now. These small business finds are a taste from every industry of things I can't get enough of. Everything from my skincare to my fleece to activities for kids to the best kept secret in cookies. Scroll to shop, follow and share the love.  

Ready to cook meal-kit storefront in Okotoks, Alberta. New options monthly and they are offering quarantine care kits which is a sweet idea for friends or family stuck at home. 


The cutest puppy bandanas, baby accessories and scrunchies. We have a few scrunchies and are loving how gentle they are on our different hair types in this house! 




The best skincare I've found yet. Up you skincare routine with pure essential oils and top quality base oils that literally lead to healthier skin. I use the imperfect oil collection and I'm obsessed. They have several options for face and beards!
*Always check with a healthcare professional if you have concerns. 

If you don't own a Birch Hill fleece are you even Canadian?! Seriously, the team at Birch Hill Studio is killing it at designing Canadian made clothing. Based out of Vernon, British Columbia their fleece collections are tailor made for women to be both flattering and warm. 


Canadian DIY craft studio. Choose the option to be in house DIY birthday parties, bridal showers and Corporate events paints and crafts with instruction. Or pick-up a sweet DIY art boxes to try at home. Kids summer camps and more! 

Delicious sweet vanilla bean custom cookies! Taste plus intricately designed cookies in the Calgary area. This boss babe is new to the game and her talent will blow you away. She's also one of the best and tightest huggers (pre-pandemic) in the universe. Show this mama some love. 

Share some of your favourite brands in the comments! 


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