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{brand reps}
Obsessed with home décor, Pinterest loving, free spirit, part-time seasonal décor enthusiast with a flair for sarcasm. You’re a letter board fan, clever wordsmith and your Instagram memes are too good not to share. Your house isn’t all Instagram worthy, but damn that one corner has got it made.

Little w brand reps become partners in styling our Little Type Cosets, love taking photos, and are interested in testing new products with us. They will be the first to hear of new products, get a product discount after applying and will connect with us and others in Type Co community. You'll be added to our close friends group on IG for exclusive updates.

{become a brand rep}
- Grab or own Little Type Co Set (any font style)
- Set your Instagram profile to public  
- Snap 3-5 photos per month and send via email
- Your photo style is welcoming, bright, includes your family or friends and unique local finds in your shots.
- Take photos that are clear, wide angle showcasing home décor styling(not just a close up on the set), bright, light.
- Your following @littlewstudio on Instagram and Facebook
- Be ready to engage, promote page, sales and giveaways with us  

How to pick plants for your home decor
How to pick plants for your home decor

by Christin Dewald March 13, 2023

Styling plants in your home is a great way to bring a bit of nature inside and make your space feel more inviting. Here are some tips to help you get started on picking the plants for your home decor. 

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Launch a sense of inspiration with new Little Type Co sets
Launch a sense of inspiration with new Little Type Co sets

by Christin Dewald March 06, 2023

You asked and we answered! The  Little Type Co collection is growing! The giant letter board for your wall has two new natural wood sets now available! The new unfinished wood sets come in our Farmhouse and Gatsby fonts. 

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