Mother's Day Gift Inspiration

May 05, 2021

Mother's Day Gift Inspiration

Here’s to the mamas and a little gift inspiration for you. 

We love and acknowledge all the kinds of mamas out there. From the step-mamas, birth mamas, foster mamas, those without mamas, the want to be mamas, the honorary mamas, and the many more women who find themselves on the journey of loving the sweet babies in the world.

We’ve put together a little post of our top favourite gifts for the moms and some last-minute shopping ideas for you too.

Little Type Co
Price: $195
Font style: Farmhouse or Gatsby 

Perfect for the clever wordsmith mama and can be beautifully styled to express your life and modern décor.

Little Quote Co
Quote: Try Anyway or But my Mom Thinks I'm Cool 



Little word stands
Perfect for shelves, desks and for layering decor in the kitchen or on a mantle. 


Pro-tip: as you wish is a good start to any response to moms! 😂 

I love us

Gift Cards
$45, $65, $110, $175


Give the gift of shopping to mom this year. Let her pick her gift and freshen up their space.

Shop in person!  
Ninth & Brick in Inglewood

Ninth & Brick is now our hot spot for one of a kind, sarcastic, witty market only products. Scoop up a little word stand, cell phone holders, or small witty signs for Mother’s Day.

Plus! The Little Type Co sets are discounted at $175 per set only at Ninth & Brick. They are open from 12-4 p.m. Wednesday to Sunday.

Here's a bit of our recent drop there!

Happy Shopping and Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Little w Studio! 









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