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Propagation Little Shelf - Plants > People Natural (Sage or Dark Green)


Propagation Little Shelf Plants > People Natural design. The Little Shelf Co Propagation product is designed simply for a plant newbie or a green thumb. It is a wall shelf with a vase to display beautiful greenery. If you are newly inspired to add some biophilic design with greenery in your home or looking to grow your plant collection for free - plant propagation is where it’s at.

Take your plant cuttings and place them in the vase with water to nurture and watch your budding dreams become reality. The Little Shelf Co’s are stunning on their own or perfect to create a living gallery wall. Bring natural artwork into your modern home. 

Shelf dimensions:
9 x 3 inches 

-Wall shelf with opening for tube
-Propagation tube
-Keyhole for mounting
*Wood varies in colour and may have some natural marks or knots.

Safety & use:
-Secure with screw
-Plant not included 
-Disclaimer: keep out of reach of children
-Indoor use only 

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