Halloween Skeleton Garland


Handcrafted skeleton garland with 12 dancing skeletons on a twine string. This is a fun whimsical piece to add to your Halloween home decor. Intricately cut pieces by our studio laser and hand painted. Perfectly pair with a Little Type Co set

Shop our stylish home décor products and find a balance between simple, sleek lines and layered, cozy texture. Detailed designs cut by our studio laser to create a home that is personalized to you.  

- garland includes 12 laser cut, engraved and hand painted skeleton dudes on a twine string
*all garlands are different because we have over 20 different skeletons to choose from. Each one will be unique to you!

-Size 7 ft

Safety & use:
-Indoor use 

-To attach the garland to a wall or surface you have we suggest use the loops on the ends to hang with small command hooks or hook to the Little Type Co ledges.Find in most stores with craft sections or at Michaels and Amazon.

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