Halloween Mice and Cobwebs


These little mice and cobwebs will elevate this years Halloween decor to a new level! Choose from a set of mice silhouettes or cobwebs and use them indoors or sheltered outdoors. You can pretend you are Cinderella and have your little mice friends clean up for you! 

Shop our stylish home décor products and find a balance between simple, sleek lines and layered, cozy texture. Detailed designs cut by our studio laser to create a home that is personalized to you.  

-set of mice comes with 6 different silhouettes
-size varies from 2" to 4.5" tall

-set of cobwebs includes two corner webs and two middle webs.
-the corner webs are roughly 12"X12" and the middle webs are 18"X9" 

-To attach the mice and spider webs to the wall or surface you have we suggest mini Glue Dots. Find in most stores with craft sections or at Michaels and Amazon.

Recommended for indoor use. 

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