Outdoor Simple Grad Party Decor & Activities

July 12, 2022 1 Comment

Outdoor Simple Grad Party Decor & Activities

Backyard parties are the perfect and simple way to host! It was part of our dream when we bought our home on this lot we have a bigger yard and couldn’t wait to have all our favourite people here with us.

Graduation is a moment to mark and celebrate. Our older daughter graduated last year and this year our younger daughter graduated! Although both graduation ceremonies looked very different – thanks to the pandemic – we had a blast.

For a simple, outdoor party with a high school graduation theme we’ve put together our list of must haves to win the day!

P.S. we have a sweet gift guide from our site for unique grad gifts too.

The theme was rainbow! Bright, colourful and fun for summer and celebration!

Rainbow Jello Cups
Rainbow Fruit Skewers 
Erika's Butterfly Cupcakes 
Graduation Cap Brownies
Sweet and Salty Rainbow Popcorn


The food line up:

  • Butterfly Cupcakes. Bring a fave dessert or special memory in. The butterfly style cupcakes are a throwback and special little something my mom made for my daughter Erika’s birthday growing up and I asked her to make them just for grad)
  • Rainbow Jell-O Cups topped with whip cream (delicious and gluten free for our friends)
  • Rainbow Fruit Skewers
  • Graduation Cap Brownies 
  • Sweet and Salty Rainbow Popcorn. We used to call our girl small fry so we scooped up some fry containers and used them for dishing out the popcorn. We love these sweet and subtle call backs to nicknames
And we offered some quick bbq chicken, salad and then all the treats. It was delicious and quick to whip up which meant we could visit too. Make use of colours and layering in levels if you can. We brought the dessert out after the BBQ so we styled it a bit, but it was a quick change up.
Colour themed décor add for beautiful back drops for photos. Don’t sleep on getting a balloon arch to wrap on your railing like we did or put over a window. It creates a feature area. Plus, who doesn’t love giant foil balloons?! They add impact and are relatively budget friendly. We find ours at Michael’s or Party City.

We snapped up some bright banners and pinwheels for the railings and flower border. And listen, we’re all about reusing décor so pack it up and use it again for your next party! Sustainable and reusable décor is where it’s at. Finding a balance for that.

Invite all your favourite people to party! And ask everyone bring their drinks and chairs to hang. Makes for quick and easy seating.

Lastly, for a real special moment and fun photos we picked up some sparklers from the dollar store. It was a kid friendly party so later it was awesome to bring out sparklers to light up and enjoy! I mean how cute.  

It’s simple, budget friendly high school graduation to remember! Our girl loved it.

- Christin 

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